The Corona Virus, leadPops Update, Marketing Ideas, Adding Value to Your Sphere, & Staying Sane

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Dear Mortgage Clients & Industry Friends, 

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during this period of uncertainty. 

Here in San Diego, CA, we’ve been on lock down for the last week or so, but people are staying pretty sane (for now) and positive!

Along with the rest of the country, we’re eager for things to return to normal. 

It sounds cliche, but I truly do believe that this challenging period will soon pass and we’ll come out the other side stronger than before.

That said, this is definitely NOT a time for you to go dark online.

Crisis creates opportunity for leaders to arise, and your communities need you now more than ever.

As mortgage industry leaders and housing experts, I encourage you to be a voice of calm and reason for the many people that need it right now. 

Your confidence will be contagious, and the world needs a positive contagion to counteract the madness.

Keep in mind: screen time is increasing. 

People — consumers and industry partners alike — are spending more time on their phones, laptops and tablets. 

At leadPops, we’re actively running close to 300 marketing campaigns for mortgage and real estate clients all over the country, and generally speaking, we’re not seeing any slowdown in leads…

We’re seeing an INCREASE.

This is also an opportunity for you to share knowledge and insights about: 

  • What those hoping to buy a home or refinance in 2020 should be thinking about
  • Likely changes coming to loan requirements & underwriting guidelines
  • Recent market impacts on mortgage rates
  • Turnaround times on loans
  • Loan products that will no longer be available
  • The importance of improving credit
  • The federal funds rate changes and what that really means

…and so many other topics that would be valuable to your clients and referral partners. 

Leverage Google Trends for content ideas based on trending Google searches.

Pay attention to industry experts like Barry Habib, CEO of MBS Highway, and Anthony Casa, Chairman of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME)… 

And share their insight directly with your sphere of influence, or offer additional commentary on the content they’re putting out there.

Here are some additional ideas on how to stand out and provide value in this climate:

  • Leverage BombBomb or Loom to make personalized videos to send to clients and partners, and share those videos on social media
  • Write a few blog posts, email them to clients, and share them on social media (or hire an experienced writer to create content for you on a website like Upwork)
  • You can also create YouTube videos and convert them into written blog posts using tools like Descript or Rev
  • Answer questions and find additional ideas for relevant content on Quora
  • Check in on clients and referral partners with a phone call (or text)
  • Start a GoFundMe for local businesses that have been affected
  • Invest in Matterport 3D Virtual Tours and host a “Virtual Open House Caravan” with a local agent partner where you tour a few open houses and offer commentary on a Zoom webinar together; record it and put in on YouTube and share on social
  • Add a “3D Open Houses” page to your website to showcase these tours
    (You can Google “Matterport 3D tours service in ________” to find local Matterport pros in your area)
  • Highlight/raise awareness of a local business or person who is doing something special in your community to help others, and support them
  • Launch Facebook Ads and/or Google Display Network banners with messaging letting people know you’re open for business and currently helping homebuyers and homeowners
  • Add a Sticky Bar to your website that provides a message that links to an FAQ page and makes it easy for your clients to contact you (talk to leadPops)
  • Add a Live Chat feature to your website using tech like Drift or Intercom

That’s a short list of the many ways you can keep busy, stay sane, and provide value to your community and loved ones. 

Let’s continue to support each other and our communities (from a distance). 

Most importantly, stay safe. 

Much love,

Andrew Pawlak


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