“Mortgage Calculator” is Searched Over 2.2 Million Times Per Month on Google – Use That to YOUR Advantage

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The phrase “Mortgage Calculator” gets typed in over 2.2 MILLION times per month on Google.

A great mortgage calculator can help you drive more traffic to your website, blog, social posts, videos, email blasts, and much more.

And if it’s done right, it should also help you generate EXCLUSIVE mortgage and real estate leads.

Don’t let the big portal websites like Zillow and LendingTree and keep stealing your mortgage and real estate leads due to a lack of content and tools.

This same strategy — researching popular search keywords and creating content with lead conversion strategies built-in based on those keywords and topics — is the essence of generating leads online.

Once you see how this works, you can apply this tactic to ALL of your digital and traditional marketing efforts.

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-Andrew Pawlak

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