Credit Funnels™


Team leadPops™ is always coming up with new ways to help clients make more sales.

We’ve found that most mortgage and real estate professionals don’t have an efficient, automated way of converting poor credit leads into qualified potential clients.

These are opportunities that, if handled properly, could result in anywhere from a handful, to dozens of additional sales that you’re currently missing out on each year.

Think about it: you talk to people that are looking to buy a home whose credit needs improvement pretty regularly…

Not only that, when asked, 10-20% of the people that fill out mortgage lead forms online will self-assess their credit as “poor” or “needs improvement”…

Those are golden opportunities right there.

If you can’t help these people with a mortgage at this point in time, let’s fix their credit, automate the follow up so you don’t have to deal with it, pay you for the lead, and send them back to you when you they are qualified to buy a home.

Instead of kicking someone to the curb because their credit is less than desirable—turn it into an opportunity to help them out and make more sales.

That’s why we’ve created:

Credit Funnels™

…a system to efficiently and automatically monetize poor credit leads.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Get FREE Poor Credit Lead Generation Tools

a. We provide you with (free) Credit Restoration Funnels (conversion-optimized lead generation forms) you can plug right into any website, blog, landing page, email blast, social media campaign—anywhere you want to use them. We’ll give you as many of them as you need in case you want to support multiple websites, blogs, locations, give them to your loan officers, Realtors and/or other referral partners, etc.

b. We can also set up automated triggers on any of your Mortgage Funnels and/or landing pages.

These triggers present a free, no-obligation Credit Restoration Consultation offer to any leads that answer “poor credit” or “credit needs improvement” on your funnels or landing pages.

This offer appears on the thank you page, and ONLY if a lead indicates they have poor credit and/or their credit needs improvement—you tell us which trigger(s) you want and where you want them, we’ll set it up for you at no extra cost.

Here’s an example of an offer-optimized thank you page:

Example of Credit Repair Offer On Thank You Page

  • 2. Get Paid for Poor Credit Leads

We’ll pay you $25 for each new signup, paid quarterly. You can drive cold or warm traffic to your Credit Restoration Funnel, and also direct leads you’re speaking with that have credit challenges directly to your Credit Restoration Funnel.

That means when it turns out someone you’re speaking with has some credit challenges, you can send them directly to your credit repair tool—and get paid for the sale.

These leads are followed up with immediately (usually within minutes) by our expert credit repair partner, who works with the leadPops™ team hand-in-hand on converting these poor credit leads into qualified borrowers for your business.

If you’re an existing client, you already know and trust us to take great care of you.

We’ll take the same great care of your poor credit referrals; these leads are not getting referred out to a 3rd party call center to signup.

Poor credit consumers can also signup on their own through a secure online signup portal we can provide you with.

It’s up to the client as to whether they’d like to speak with someone, or just signup for the service.

Either way, you get paid for each signup, and most importantly: the service works. Fast.

  • 3. Access to Tracking Sales & Credit Repair Progress

Get alerts for each poor credit lead generated + alerts for all sales/signups. You also get your own personal Credit Funnels™ CRM login to track all sales and progress of clients on their credit restoration journey.

Commissions on signups are great, but here’s the best part…

  • 4. We “Bounce Back” Your Leads Once Their Credit Is Fixed & YOU MAKE MORE SALES 

When your credit restoration clients hit a certain benchmark which you’ve defined makes them eligible for a mortgage, we “bounce back” that lead to you exclusively so that you can follow up and convert them into a client.

This program is optional, and 100% FREE for leadPops™ clients to enroll.

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