Email Fire™


You’re generating leads and now you need to make sure you’re not blowing it on the follow up…

Enter: Email Fire™

Email Fire™ offers email marketing automation that comes built right into leadPops™ Funnels, landing pages, and marketing websites—making it easier than ever to build your subscriber list and create successful, fully integrated campaigns. No additional cost or setup necessary for our clients.

We give you the power to leverage technology in order to take care stuff that’s important, but you shouldn’t be wasting time with, like: welcome messages, birthday emails, autoresponders, and more.

You can trigger campaigns based on actions taken, sales follow-ups, automated drips, etc.

Email Fire™ lets you organize your subscribers into unlimited groups and segments, giving you ultimate precision. Manage your subscriber data with highly targeted campaigns our audience segmentation feature.

Funnels and lightboxes let you capture leads and automatically drop them into your Email Fire™ automation system. It’s that easy.

Dynamic content shows customized content depending on the recipient of the email, so you can send just one email with messaging specific to each recipient and your subscribers won’t know the difference.

With Email Fire™, you get a cutting-edge, yet incredibly simple content creation experience. We understand that the last you want to do is spend hours of your day trying to make your emails look professional. Our creative tools make it a snap, and clients even tell us that they’re fun to use.

You also get gorgeous insights into what’s working. Yes, data can be gorgeous—especially if it’s telling you important stuff like what’s working in your marketing (and what isn’t). Email Fire™ offers performance reports that look great and provide clear next steps.

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