Insurance Funnels™


Insurance Funnels™ are cut from the same cloth as Mortgage Funnels™ and Home Funnels™.

The idea is simple and it works: capture and convert qualified insurance leads using the same technology and strategies the biggest, most successful companies in the insurance lead generation space are using…

You know who I’m talking about… insurance lead mongers the likes of and

Yes, I know—their leads suck. Totally.

But, their mousetraps are great. They know how to catch ’em.

Problem is they turn around and sell that information to anyone and everyone they can in order to turn a profit.

That part is no bueno.

It’s terrible for insurance agents buying crappy old leads that’ve been sold a gazillion times…

And even more so, it’s a nightmare for the consumer who was shopping for insurance and now getting hounded by 375 insurance agents day and night…

That’s where Insurance Funnels™ come in.

We’re putting an end to the nonsense of buying used and abused insurance leads from the go-between insurance lead companies.

With Insurance Funnels™, instead of buying recycled leads from the middleman, you’re generating your own, exclusive insurance leads from the marketing that you’re already doing.

Once you’ve got the right mousetraps in place, capturing and converting your own leads is a lot easier than you might think.

Without them, you’re left with a lot of clicks and a bunch of lost opportunities.

When’s the last time you sold an insurance policy to a click?

Insurance Funnels™ make stuff like—your website, landing pages, email blasts, social media posts, signage, mailers, radio ads—actually work.

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