Posting Content Every Day. Yikes.

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Posting content every day. 


When I first committed to it, the biggest mental hurdle I had to overcome was…

“What am I going to post about?”

It’s only been about 1 month since I started, but what I can say is this:

No one is born with a content-posting superpower.

You just need to get outside of your comfort zone & actually DO IT.

Come up with a quick list of ideas/topics you’re knowledgeable about.

EVERYONE can do that.

Because we know our stuff so well…

We tend to forget that things we consider to be basic/101…

A LOT of people (if not most) have no clue about!

Pick your favorite couple of topics and just start doing it.

What happens is a switch flips in your head.

Suddenly, you realize just about EVERYTHING is a post!

It’s unreal.

This post, in and of itself, is PROOF of that.

Believe in yourself.

Try to provide value, & don’t just make it a sales pitch.

And be diverse with your content.

Some of my posts that have gotten the most traction are the ones I thought people would be least interested in.

You’re not going to get huge engagement at first.

So what?

I’m just getting started, but in a very short amount of time, it’s opened up doors & conversations I wouldn’t be having. 

And I’m actually ENJOYING it.

-Andrew Pawlak


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