I’ve Gotten Many Comments: “Andrew, Your Studio Setup is Rad!”


I’ve gotten many comments:

“Andrew, your studio setup is rad!” 

Here’s a quick “behind the scenes” glimpse.

If you look close enough, you’ll spot Danny Tanner in the corner. 

I kid, I kid. 

But it is a studio set. 

I started doing videos & webinars a few years ago. 

I wanted to get more consistent w/ it, so in ’17, I built this out.

I figured that if I made my office (my desk) the actual studio, I’d have no excuse to not do it. 

Still, I found all sorts of reasons to not do the videos. 

It wasn’t until I really simplified my process that I became more consistent. 

Instead of scripts & teleprompters, I got a webcam & dropped all the scripting. 

I could just flip that thing on & go. 

No editing. 

Just intro/outro

Freestyle for 5-10 mins. 


I’ve got a ways to go before I’m where I want to be w/ it, but that’s been a big help for me.

Truth is, some of my cringiest videos of all time are the ones where I wrote a script & read it off a teleprompter.

One day I might share the blooper reel my editor compiled (without me asking, mind you).

 It was just so ridiculous, he couldn’t resist.

Long story short: don’t overthink it. 

Turn on your web cam, or just start typing, & put yourself out there. 

It’s a lot of fun. 

-Andrew Pawlak


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