The Sneaky Zillow Mortgage Calculator Trick You’ve Got to See

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The Sneaky Zillow Mortgage Calculator Trick.

It’s the essence of digital lead generation.

There’s a formula. It looks like this:

Target Audience


Relevant Content


Prominent Call-to-Action


Gamified Lead Form




Too many people ONLY focus on driving traffic…

Without even thinking about lead conversion.

That’s like cranking the A/C and leaving all your windows down.

But a LOT more costly when you consider how much is at stake.

I walk you through how Zillow does conversion optimization with their Mortgage Calculator here.

Like with Quicken’s email marketing approach, you can easily replicate this strategy yourself.

And since many of you don’t have a good mortgage calculator…

(If I have to download your “app” to use your calculator, you’re missing the point; it needs to be easily accessible 🙂

I’ll give you one for free. No catch.

Get yours @

Use this coupon code at checkout —


Let me know how you’re using conversion optimization for YOUR business in the comments below.

And lastly, if your lead forms are blowing it, talk to leadPops.

It’s an easy fix.

-Andrew Pawlak

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