A Yellow Amazon Box Arrived At My Door This Morning!

Liberty Mutual Amazon

So a yellow Amazon box arrived at my door this morning.

A yellow frickin’ box!

Suddenly, I had no interest in its content.

I needed to know who was behind this savvy marketing scheme & what they had in store for me.


Liberty Mutual!

I shook my head, mumbling to myself, “You sly dog you!”

The promo features a call-to-action w/ a QR code to scan through the Amazon app for an insurance quote.

I was hopeful they’d execute on this campaign all the way through…

But in my heart, I knew they’d blow it at the most critical moment.

I scanned the code, arriving on a solid mobile landing page.

I tapped the auto insurance quote button, palms sweating…

Aaand the wheels fell off.

They went right for the jugular.

First questions:

Where do you live?

Whoa whoa whoa.

Take it easy there, tiger.

I don’t even know you guys & you’re already getting all up in my business!

Just couldn’t help themselves, could they?

I applaud them on pulling off this partnership.

Great branding play.

The yellow box is quite the spectacle.

But the lead gen effort is where they blew it.

I see this all the time with mortgage and insurance companies.

They do some good marketing…

But few understand lead gen.

A VERY expensive mistake.

Also, an easy fix.

Just call leadPops. 

-Andrew Pawlak


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